About AOSCo

The Australian Outdoor Sign Company (AOSCo Ltd.) was revived in 2018 to provide one thing only: “Premium Signs in Strategic Locations.” Our extensive billboard network has the ability to receive a combined 560,000 impressions per day. We’re committed to delivering high resolution advertising space for our clients at all of our sites.

AOSCo is an 100% Australian owned private company based in Brisbane. The AOSCo difference is that we genuinely care for our clients and will always strive to achieve maximum return on your investments, whether large or small.

We offer premium signs in strategic locations. They are all equipped with the latest technology, the highest resolutions available on our large format outdoor digital screens. Automatic light sensors adjust screen luminosity to suit ambient light conditions and to ensure your creative is always seen in brilliant luminous colour.

Please feel free to contact us for an AOSCo Media Kit. Our professional marketing team will help you tailor a campaign to achieve maximum results.

Our History

The Australian Outdoor Sign Company has previously operated an extensive network of static billboards around Australia.

By 1987, AOSCo’s network had acquired upwards of 35 premium sign-sites dotted across South East Queensland and parts of Sydney. Our sites included the famous Kings Cross Coca Cola billboard, Gold Coast, Warrego Highway, Sandgate Road and our former flagship Toowong tri-vision on Coronation Drive.

In the early 1990s, following a drastic shift in market demand due to tough governmental prohibitions, AOSCo gradually reorganised into a niche marketing entity.

In late 2017, AOSCo initiated plans to once again strategically expand across the Greater South East Queensland region.

June 2020, with 4 brilliant digital screens in operation, the new era of AOSCo has only just begun.